CHICAGO, Feb. 1, 2018 PRNewswire -- Bridge My Return, a company that provides job-matching services to military Veterans and transitioning service members, today announced its merger with Miligistix, a company that implements and optimizes military talent programs for employers. The company, which now has improved capabilities to benefit both the supply and demand sides of the military hiring experience, will retain the name Bridge My Return.

The merger pairs Bridge My Return's personalized coaching and proprietary technology— including a skills translator, automatic resume builder, and job-matching algorithm—with Miligistix's consulting service offerings for employers who want to be ready to receive Military talent. All services are performed at no cost to Veteran jobseekers; employers looking for military talent are charged placement fees or consulting fees that are in line with industry averages.

"Veteran underemployment and first-year job dropout rates are far higher than the general population's, despite the fact that these are highly-skilled candidates with desirable attributes like integrity, strong character, commitment to teamwork and self-discipline," said Bob Hogan, founder and CEO of Bridge My Return. "We're thrilled to now pair technology solutions with invaluable pre- and post-hire support for both veteran candidates and employers, and turn those dismal numbers around."

The statistics on Veteran underemployment and first-year dropout rates are indeed alarming, and transition trauma and employer readiness are largely responsible.

  • Underemployment rate for Veterans is 14% higher than the rest of US workforce.
  • Dropout rate for Veterans within 1st year of employment is 47%.
  • 80% of employers do not have recruitment programs for Veterans.
  • 71% of employers do not provide training to hiring managers on Veteran training.
  • 52% of employers do not provide transition support to Veteran hires.

Sources: U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Society for Human Resource Management(SHRM)

"Employers and job-seeking military service members are fishing in an ocean today. We want them to fish in a tank—one tank is stocked with vets who've been vetted and coached to succeed in the private sector, and another tank is stocked with jobs with military-ready employers," says Amanda Veinott, President and COO of Bridge My Return, who was founder and CEO of Miligistix. "Bringing the employer readiness element to the unique Bridge My Return platform can solve the persistent problems facing the more than 200,000 jobseeking Veterans who separate from the military each year, all at no cost to service members."

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