While we have entered a general period of “hiring hibernation,” we need to do more than just play defense. 

How might a business position itself for hiring success in the "post-coronavirus new normal?"  And how might a service member seeking private sector success do the same?

Early feedback from large employers indicates they will be moving quickly toward an “online, virtual hiring” model. BMR plans enthusiastically to support that new normal—and do it in a way that meets an ever-growing mandate to amplify corporate diversity and inclusion—through the efficiency of its military hiring platform and the delivery of effective training and education content. 

We are excited to introduce our NEW SALES SKILLS BOOTCAMPS through our sales education partner, Victory Lap. This 40-hour, modern, intensive program is highly selective and delivered virtually over a 4-week period so that graduates are job-ready on Day 1.

If we can play some offense today, we’ll find ourselves in the red zone when the hiring market rebounds. And the rewards—to the jobseeker and the employer—will be abundant.

Stay safe.  Stay healthy.
The BMR Team