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BMR’s platform gives you real-time matches to jobs with military-friendly employers, real-world advice from certified coaches, plus a free and instant resume.

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A solution that tackles stereotypingskills misunderstanding, and acclimation difficulty.

It's a 3-C Experience

We don’t just make the job-matching software; we’re building a remarkable community that is lifting the hopes and expectations of veterans, employers and coaches.



Life after military service

Translating military skills into civilian skills is at the core of our job-matching application. So too is our resume builder, where your clear, crisp and complete resume is produced automatically... and in seconds. We assign a certified coach to work with you shoulder-to-shoulder and guide you through the journey. We wrap it all up with a user experience that’s straightforward and stress-free, easy and effective.


A series of stories

We believe we’re an ecosystem. A series of stories. The interconnected lives of military veterans, military-friendly employers and veteran support organizations. Stories that comprise and reflect a collaborative adventure. As we progress and all boats begin to rise, we envision veterans recruiting veterans, coaches recruiting coaches and employers spreading the word. This is how community is created. And it’s how... we got your 6.


Strength and humility

We are entirely about character. It starts with our veterans, whose military experiences and courage under pressure have profoundly shaped their character. They are joined by employers who demonstrate ‘military friendliness’ not with mere words, but in actions large and small; companies that embrace and embody diversity and inclusion and social responsibility.

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