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Bridge My Return gives Veterans and transitioning service members real-time matches to jobs with military-ready employers, real-world advice from certified coaches, and a professional resume - all at no cost whatsoever.

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Bridge My Return recognizes and celebrates the fact that Veterans and transitioning service members are highly-skilled candidates with desirable attributes, like integrity, strong character, teamwork, and self-discipline. We also know that in the job market, stereotyping, skills misunderstanding, and acclimation difficulty are challenges that need to be tackled. Our goal is to reduce Veteran underemployment and job dropout rates by providing the tools and coaching necessary for private sector success.

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Cruise through our Profile Builder and receive...

  • a Professional Resume
  • guidance from a Certified Coach
  • job matches with Military-ready Employers
  • all at no cost to Veterans and transitioning service members

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The Veteran Experience:

Register easily at no cost
Create a BMR profile
See military skills convert to civilian skills
Receive auto-generated resume
Choose your certified coach
View matching jobs and apply

The Employer Experience:

Create or import job opportunity
Set candidate requirements
View matching applicants
Contact selected candidates
Interview and hire