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We're an ecosystem. A series of stories. The interconnected lives of service members, spouses, caregivers, employers and military service organizations. Stories that comprise and reflect a collaborative adventure of Career, Community and Character.

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Where we are today?


of people coming out of the military who don't want to do what they did in the military


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What makes us different?

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Holistic Approach

Addressing both the supply side and demand side of the military hiring challenge

Skills Matching

AI-driven Skills Matching

For better, faster matching


Zeal for the Mission

The ancient Greeks didn’t write obits or deliver eulogies, they simply asked, “Did they have passion?”

Connecting Potential to Opportunity

Potential exists within each. Opportunity is now within reach.

At BMR, we believe that forward-thinking employers are increasingly embracing skills and competency-based hiring versus functional experienced-based hiring. Said differently, caring more about what the person brings to the table rather than how long they sat in the chair. It's one of the reasons we only invite military-ready employers onto our platform, and it's exactly the way our software was designed.

How does a Petty Officer from the Navy with no manufacturing experience land a Manufacturing Team Lead position at one of the country's most admired employers? Well, that's exactly what happened to Luis Acosta, a BMR member, who has just launched an exciting private sector career with Thermo Fisher Scientific, the global leader in science with over 100,000 employees.

Acosta, a Veteran of 16 years, feels like the military prepared him well for a position like this. "We are trained to handle different environments, learn leadership principles, and are capable and flexible to adjust to changes in the workplace. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity."

When asked about his experience with Bridge My Return, Acosta said, “It was fantastic. Just the ease of the software was a huge help. Being able to have my MOS skills interpreted into soft skills that translate to the civilian side of things was helpful. It is so hard to put yourself out there, but this made it a lot easier.” His advice to other jobseekers: “Ask for help if you need it. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Don’t underestimate your skills that you learned in the military. A lot of us struggle trying to convert our skills to a resume. This makes it so much easier.”

Here’s a football analogy. For both the jobseeker and talent seeker, BMR’s software (MOS translator, skills-to-skills matching algorithm) can get you immediately into the red zone. To matriculate the ball from the red zone to the end zone requires additional execution—someone on the employer side to champion the process, a serious jobseeker, and an advocate from BMR who adds a little TLC to the mix. With that game plan, we score touchdowns. Everybody wins.

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