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We only invite military-ready employers to join our community–organizations that see the business case for hiring military talent, are willing to invest in people who have the right behaviors, and embrace DEIB more broadly.

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What We Offer For Talent Seekers

Military Skills Translation

We map private sector skills to military jobs. (We’ve even assigned "table stakes" skills to spouses and caregivers.) Skills and competencies picked up before or after service are selected from a skills bank.

Professional Resume

Every BMR resume has the same format–a standardization that’s valued by time-pressured recruiters and hiring managers.

Skills-to-Skills Algorithm

Supports the growing HR trend from functional experience-based hiring toward skills and competencies-based hiring.

Educational Support

Includes the "gamification" of training content to increase learning throughout an organization, at scale.

Bridge My Return - A Hiring Platform for the Military Community Exclusively

How We Work


Evaluate the Partnership Up Front

  • Are the missions aligned?
  • Is there a strategic fit?
  • How’s the personal chemistry?

Determine the Scope

  • Full throttle or pilot approach with selective roles and markets?
  • Integration requirements?
  • Subscription approach or white label solution?

Train & Educate

  • System training for users and educational training like Military 101 for all who want it.

Execute Diligently

  • Assign a Partner Advocate to bring a little TLC and drive success.

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Frequently Asked Questions from Talent seekers

They are organizations that…

  • See the business case for hiring military talent.
  • Have senior executive support for the initiative.
  • Embrace DEIB and Corporate Social Responsibility more broadly.
  • May have special onboarding processes and formed a veteran resource group.

Many organizations have the "want to" but not the "how to"… and that’s where our training support comes in. We can engage in a strategy session, conduct a webinar like Military 101, and even provide content via our science-backed, high-burst mobile games which allows an organization to scale the learning rapidly and make it fun.

Instantly. As soon as your job is published you will see a rank order of the candidates in our data base that match the requirements you’ve established for the position.

  • Skills match
  • Technical Competency match
  • Education match
  • Location match

Yes—by MOS, active vs passive jobseeker, military branch, military rank, etc.

Yes, we can accept an XML feed to save time, create efficiency and make sure the jobs are fresh.

Yes. Some ATS are easier to integrate with than others and all will require some form of customization.

Yes. We’ll present you to our members and partners as an organization committed to hiring military talent, thereby advancing your brand and amplifying your DEIB and Corporate Social Responsibility stance.

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