A Hiring Platform for the Military Community Exclusively

We did not plop the military demographic onto an existing platform. BMR has been built from the ground up for the military community only–veterans, transitioning service members, guard/reserve members, military spouses, veteran spouses and caregivers.

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What We Offer For Jobseekers


  • Military skills translator
  • Auto-generated resume
  • Skills-to-skills matching algorithm


  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Blogs and Newsletters
  • Training content delivered via science-backed, high-burst mobile games and BMR education and training partners

User Interface

  • Allow our Profile Assistant (Guided Tour) to help you cruise thru the profile building process
  • Instantly see your job matches
  • Apply to a matching job with a single click
  • See how the software works for you 24/7
  • Use your auto-generated professional resume outside the platform, if you want to
  • Manage all activity from your dashboard

Educated Employers

  • All BMR Employer Partners are military-ready (or committed to the training to become so) and understand the nuances of hiring military talent
  • They embrace Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging more broadly
  • They are willing to invest in people who have the right behaviors
  • Bottom Line: You're matched to jobs that fit you with employers more likely to “get you”
Bridge My Return - A Hiring Platform for the Military Community Exclusively

How We Work


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Complete your BMR profile (20-30 minutes); then the software goes to work 24/7


Apply to matched jobs with a single click, or respond to the employer's inquiry


Receive coaching support, if you want it

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Frequently Asked Questions from Jobseekers

  • We take a holistic approach, simultaneously addressing both the supply and demand sides of the military hiring challenge—the jobseeker and the talent seeker.
  • We only invite military-ready employers onto the platform.
  • We use a skills-to-skills and AI algorithm to match the candidate to the job.
  • We pair technology with support.

We have mapped private sector skills to the military job (MOS.) Members also select other skills from a skills bank—skills they picked up before or after they served.

70% of the people coming out of the military don't want to do what they did in the military. Let's say you drove a truck in the Army. A job-to-job matching application will show you all the truck driving jobs out there. You're pigeonholed. Because the BMR app maps specific skills to that MOS (operation, control, coordination, time management, problem solving) that same truck driver can be matched to jobs in operations, logistics, project management, sales, customer service, etc. It opens up an array of opportunities.

About 20-30 minutes. Because it's an investment of time, employers see it as a way to separate the serious from the non-serious jobseeker. Most important, once a profile is 100% complete, the software works 24/7 for you. As new jobs with new employers come onto the platform, you'll see more matches without any additional work on your part. Plus, a completed profile produces your professional resume which you can use outside the platform, too.

We believe that—no matter how good our technology is—if employers do not understand the business case for hiring military talent and do not have senior executive support for the initiative, our results will not be a whole lot better than the rest.

When you see a matched job—and the employer behind it—simply hit the "apply" button and the employer is instantly notified and will know that it's a match for them too.

We have automatically assigned skills to the spouse/caregiver: service orientation, social perceptiveness, coordination, active learning, time management, etc. You can also select other skills you picked up in your career from a skills bank. In doing so, we maintain our skill-to-skills matching mantra.

You'll simply click the coaching box and then get connected to either a BMR advocate or a mentor with our mentoring partner, American Corporate Partners, a world-class national non-profit.

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