Bob Hogan

Bob Hogan

Founder & CEO

Bob Hogan has cultivated a purpose-driven career.

As the founder and CEO of Bridge My Return, the seasoned executive has leveraged his experiences to create an organization that serves one of this nation’s most admirable communities—the Military.

After graduating from Notre Dame, Hogan spent 20 years in the insurance industry. His first foray into entrepreneurship came when he co-found Summit Global Partners, a private-equity backed Insurance Brokerage rollup that became a Top 25 USA firm within three years.

He went on to run his own consulting firm, HBL, helping small to mid-size companies strategize, increase sales and implement marketing plans.

Hogan’s penchant for problem-solving and passion for affecting social change led him to focus his efforts on identifying areas where his work could make the most impact.

Bridge My Return was born from the notion that the negative effects “transition trauma” has on a Veteran’s ability to obtain and maintain a job can be circumvented with the right tools. Meanwhile, many of the obstacles facing employers who want to onboard military talent could be addressed as well, helping all boats to rise.

Transition trauma is often a misunderstood and overlooked issue affecting military members who are adjusting to civilian life.

“So many organizations involving Veterans deal with the symptoms, not the causes,” says Hogan. “Bridge My Return addresses the root of the issue in a way that can make a significant and rapid impact.”

Bridge My Return provides a life-changing service to transitioning military members and is a conduit of hope and opportunity for all Veterans as well as employers who wish to support them.

Hogan is at the helm ensuring that the ever-evolving needs of this large and underserved niche are constantly considered and addressed.

Amanda Veinott

Amanda Veinott

President & COO

Amanda Veinott has built her career as a Military Talent Programs expert by marrying her passion for service with her desire to help military veterans and military spouses find sustainable employment opportunities.

As President and COO of Bridge My Return, Veinott is instrumental in developing solutions for both the supply and demand sides of the military hiring experience. Her primary expertise is educating companies on how to recruit, hire, and retain service members, veterans, and military spouses within their respective workforces.

“Our corporate clients want our expertise in helping them create a sustainable and authentic military hiring program,” Veinott says. “These are companies who truly value the ability for military personnel to make positive changes in their organizations.”

With eight years experience creating legacy human resource initiatives, crafting leadership development and employee engagement programs, and developing and deploying organizational research and surveys, Veinott began her focus on Military Talent Programs when she learned of the startling figures on veteran underemployment and turnover rates.

“As somebody who has many family members who served in the military, years ago I was blown away to learn there was an employment challenge within the military community,” she says. “I realized there was a huge opportunity for me to take all of my knowledge and expertise and share it with a broader audience to help military talent thrive in the private sector.”

The company Veinott founded, Miligistix, worked with organizations like The Bob Woodruff Foundation, one of the nation’s leading Veteran Service Organizations, and Apollo Management, one of the world’s largest Private Equity firms, before merging with Bridge My Return in 2018.

“There was a natural synergy to what our companies do. Miligistix prepared a company to receive the military talent effectively while Bridge My Return’s technology enables a company to connect with the right talent quickly, efficiently, and in a manner that’s not available anywhere else,” Veinott says of the decision to merge. “The technology piece allows more veterans to be hired by the companies we are working with. The entire reason I do what I do is I want to make sure there’s a positive impact to the employment situation for Military Talent. It provides a conduit for helping more people.”

Veinott studied Organizational Psychology at Christopher Newport University and holds her Certification in Professional Coaching from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She is an Advisory Board Member for Stand Beside Them, a non-profit dedicated to providing coaching to our nation’s veterans and a mentor to veteran entrepreneurs through Veterans Launching Ventures, a program out of Fairleigh Dickinson University.