Bob Hogan

Bob Hogan

Founder & CEO

Bob Hogan has cultivated a purpose-driven career.

As the founder and CEO of Bridge My Return, the seasoned executive has leveraged his experiences to create an organization that serves one of this nation’s most admirable communities—the Military.

After graduating from Notre Dame, Hogan spent 20 years in the insurance industry. His first foray into entrepreneurship came when he co-found Summit Global Partners, a private-equity backed Insurance Brokerage rollup that became a Top 25 USA firm within three years.

He went on to run his own consulting firm, HBL, helping small to mid-size companies strategize, increase sales and implement marketing plans.

Hogan’s penchant for problem-solving and passion for affecting social change led him to focus his efforts on identifying areas where his work could make the most impact.

Bridge My Return was born from the notion that the negative effects “transition trauma” has on a Veteran’s ability to obtain and maintain a job can be circumvented with the right tools. Meanwhile, many of the obstacles facing employers who want to onboard military talent could be addressed as well, helping all boats to rise.

Transition trauma is often a misunderstood and overlooked issue affecting military members who are adjusting to civilian life.

“So many organizations involving Veterans deal with the symptoms, not the causes,” says Hogan. “Bridge My Return addresses the root of the issue in a way that can make a significant and rapid impact.”

Bridge My Return provides a life-changing service to transitioning military members and is a conduit of hope and opportunity for all Veterans as well as employers who wish to support them.

Hogan is at the helm ensuring that the ever-evolving needs of this large and underserved niche are constantly considered and addressed.

Branden Marty

Branden Marty

Branden Marty is a Navy veteran with extensive experience working in complex and fast-paced operational environments from the flight decks of naval vessels to the C-suite and boardroom of a healthcare organizations. He is a strategist, coordinator and collaborator; dedicated to improving his community through service and advocacy.

He brings a wealth of knowledge on wounded warrior and veteran support services. Branden’s unique skillset led the Department of the Navy (DoN) to ask his assistance in submitting a bid from the City of Chicago to host the 2017 Warrior Games. He has continued his interest in serving the veterans community and his entrepreneurial aspirations, by running a number of businesses focused on providing jobs and opportunities for transition military and veterans.

Branden recently joined the team at Bridge My Return (BMR), supporting their efforts to provide a holistic solution, “a bridge”, between servicemembers and veterans as they transition into the civilian workforce and are better linked to rewarding careers and professional opportunities.