To hiring veterans

Our roster of companies gets it. They’re committed to hiring vets. Not because it’s socially responsible — which it is — but because it’s damn good business. Veterans are imbued with attributes that are vital to companies today: teamwork, collaboration, relationship building, empathy, self-discipline, sacrifice and service.

Did you know that 95% of employers cite character issues as the main reason for terminating one’s employment?

And, isn’t it fair to assume that veterans possess character in spades? Think about that for a minute.


To civilian life

Transition is not easy. It’s hard, no matter the rank you held or the job you performed. Our coaches help vets transition from the structured environment of military life to the agile nature of the business world.


for superior outcomes

We only include military-ready companies in our community. We think it’s a pretty simple thesis: Companies who ‘walk the walk’ will naturally align to the attributes which veterans value and are accustomed to—things like integrity, character, and commitment. And we believe that, in turn, will naturally lead to superior outcomes—for everyone.


military talent programs

If you’re an organization looking to optimize your Military Talent Programs— and need support to make that happen—please let us know. We have subject matter experts on our team to help get you there.