Professional Services

Military Talent Program DEVELOPMENT

We take a holistic approach to our partnerships. Our goal is to create an efficient, optimized program from the very beginning. We help...

  • Craft key messaging so that your communications appropriately support your mission and vision of becoming an employer of choice for military and veteran talent
  • Determine best-fit positions for military talent 
  • Develop a robust internal network of veterans and military talent that will become your internal program council
  • Implement best-in-class processes so that you can focus on recruiting, hiring, and developing your military talent rather than focusing on learning what took us years to understand

Military Talent Program OPTIMIZATION

We drive optimization through our proprietary Strategy Sessions, which provide a full blueprint your team can utilize to increase program effectiveness and positive outcomes. 

We start every engagement with an assessment of a client's culture, most pressing talent needs, and current Military Talent Programs or Veterans Initiatives. This provides a baseline from which we work and ultimately drives the program's direction.

Optimization results in increased effectiveness and efficiency of your efforts, whether your goal is to hire more military veterans or military spouses, increase retention of your top performing veteran employees, or to make your veteran-focused communications more impactful. These recommendations are derived through a process that dives deep into 5 key areas of a client’s Military Talent Program and/or Veterans Initiative.

We provide recommendations and action items around a broad range of topics, including:

  • Creating a military talent funnel for recruiters
  • Building a business case for hiring veterans/military talent
  • Engaging employees and leaders in the initiative
  • Initiating the self-identification of veteran/military status among employees
  • Developing an online presence that engages and attracts military/veteran candidates
  • Creating an Affinity Network or Employee Resource Group to drive engagement and program success
  • Developing a coaching and/or mentorship program for military talent
  • Crafting custom communications to drive internal and external engagement
  • Facilitating Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) and Nonprofit partnerships
  • Customizing professional development opportunities for veterans/military talent


Military Talent Program TRAINING

Our training programs are developed and taught by industry experts and customized for Human Resource teams, groups of Diversity & Inclusion specialists, cohorts of newly-hired veterans, and Senior Leadership teams.



  • Optimizing Military Talent Programs or Veterans Initiatives
  • Creating efficiencies within military talent pipelines
  • Military 101 - training human resource professionals and hiring managers on military jargon, lingo, and experience
  • Metrics 101 - Are you measuring your MTPs effectively? 
  • Establishing community partnerships with VSO and Nonprofits 
  • Diversifying supply chain and procurement channels
  • Viewing leadership development through the military lens
  • Examining the "ins and outs" of mentorship/internships/apprenticeships for military talent
  • Preparing meaningful community service projects or philanthropy events
  • Leveraging Social Media to effectively reach military talent