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Bridge My Return (BMR) is a free hiring platform connecting Veterans with military-ready employers

BMR helps translate core military skills for the present workplace

Trust, self-motivation, confidence, mission-driven, gold-standard work ethic, loyalty, respect, ability to improvise, discipline, teamwork, leadership. These are just some of the qualifications that you – our Veterans – bring to the table. These are qualities and traits that every employer wants – and needs – in its workforce.

Bridge My Return helps Veterans

At Bridge My Return (BMR), we translate all of your core military skills and training. We don’t pigeonhole you into the job you did when active. Driving a truck in the military doesn’t mean you only qualify to drive a truck for a civilian company. The additional skills we’d map to that truck driver MOS would include operation, control, coordination, communication, time management and problem solving. These are skills employers seek in a host of jobs – operations, logistics, project management, sales, etc. We believe that this unleashes broader, better opportunities!

It takes about 20-30 minutes to complete a BMR profile, about the same amount of time to watch a streaming program. After that, our software works for you 24/7. As new jobs are added, you’re matched to new opportunities. Plus, the BMR application automatically creates a personalized resume for you – a resume you can immediately share with BMR employer partners or other employers you approach separately.

At Bridge My Return, we work with all stakeholders to tackle Veteran unemployment and underemployment while constantly listening and building the funnel of opportunities for both our Veterans and our employers.

Building a Veteran community and pool of job opportunities

To build our Veteran community, we partner with diverse organizations, such as VA, Semper Fi, America’s Fund and Western Governors University.

To build our pool of meaningful job and career opportunities, we partner with military-ready employers across a range of industries – leading companies like Northrop Grumman, Northwestern Mutual Life, CME Group, American Residential Services and Molson Coors.

The best part is that we make it free for Veterans and offer on-going resource support. It all works because the BMR technology is “bet the ranch,” bar none cutting-edge.

Our team of coders and designers are relentless, challenging themselves to drive efficiency and effectiveness in order to reach the higher standard you deserve. It’s pretty simple, actually. You register and cruise through our profile-building process, and you leave with a solid resume and an open door to job opportunities across the country.

Who are we?

We are led by three entrepreneurs with business, technology and military experience. I’m the connector who opens doors to opportunity with decades of experience (the old guy); Dan is our technology guru who lives for this stuff; and Branden is a Navy Veteran and a strong and steady voice for Veteran support and advocacy.

We are passionate about our mission and good at what we do. This Video (“The Mission”) captures the situation. It may capture your attention.

Help us create the energy for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. To get started, click here.


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Bob Hogan is the founder of Bridge My Return (BMR.)

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