Bridge My Return upgrades software to improve AI-driven, skills-matching algorithm (as published by VA News)

BMR Staff

Bridge My Return (BMR), the tech-enabled hiring platform exclusive to the military community, has launched BMR 2.0, a software re-build which incorporates an AI-driven, skills-matching algorithm and military skills translator, and an enhanced user experience shaped by service member and employer feedback.

Man in military uniform saluting. Bridge My Return is a tech-enabled hiring platform for the military community.

The announcement comes at time when current labor market challenges are prompting employers to tap into untapped pools of talent like those from the military. And future of work trends include the upskilling and re-skilling of the labor force—an ideal match to the military community whose members have been “trained to be trained.”

BMR is free to members of the military community—Veterans, transitioning service members, Guard and Reserve members, as well as military spouses, Veteran spouses and caregivers.


The new software allows members to complete a BMR profile easily and without stress. Once the profile is complete, the application automatically produces a professional resume for members to use inside or outside the platform. Most important, members are instantly matched to jobs that fit their profile—all of them with military-ready employers. As new jobs come onto the platform, new matching opportunities naturally emerge and members apply to those of interest with a single click. BMR also provides coaching support for those who want it.

Employers can automate the importation of jobs and easily integrate BMR’s application with their applicant tracking systems (ATS.) Once a job is published on the platform, employers—who pay a subscription fee for unlimited hires that’s tiered to their size—instantly see a rank order of the candidates in the BMR database who meet the ideal requirements they’ve established for the position. They can further filter matching candidates by branch, rank, MOS, education and experience, search status, separation date, security clearance level and more. 

BMR also offers a white label solution for organizations with sufficient amounts of military jobseekers and jobs who are looking for a better connective tissue to drive efficiency and scale.

Military and military-affiliated jobseekers can join the BMR community at no cost. Talent seekers can inquire on the BMR webpage.

About BMR

BMR is a tech-enabled military hiring platform that tackles Veteran underemployment and military spouse/caregiver unemployment while enabling employers to meet their talent needs and advance their DEIB and Corporate Social Responsibility stance. For more information, watch this 1-minute video, visit or contact us.

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